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C#/Unity Architect

We are seeking a C#/Unity Architect to support our language learning Unity/VR product. 
The candidate will work with a team of Unity and Web developers to take our immersive education product to the next level and help our users break the communication barrier by learning English more efficiently. 

We are working on a new product and we need someone who has deep expertise in architecting a Unity project according to the product specifications. We are aiming to create a solid foundation, easy to maintain and to change.

The main tasks will be to design and implement the architecture.

The VR device that we are using is Oculus Quest (Android platform) and we are open to shipping it/buying it for you.

Job Duties And Responsibilities

  • Daily execution of complex programming tasks and algorithm development
  • Strong attention to detail – naming conventions, documentation, writing tests
  • Ability to balance individual work while supporting Engineers in different domains
  • Task planning with enough technical precision for immediate Sprint execution
  • Identifying architectural bottlenecks in the codebase before they impact productivity
  • Good teamwork skills – ability to listen to others and provide constructive criticism
  • Working with HR to screen, interview and hire new Engineers
  • Other duties as assigned

Requirements And Qualifications

  • 4+ years of work experience in C# development
  • Degree in an engineering-related field such as Computer Science
  • Mastery of OOP concepts like encapsulation, inheritance, composition, interfaces
  • Understanding of Scrum / Kanban agile methodology and goals
  • Working experience with git for software version control
  • Strong analytical, critical thinking, and problem solving skills
  • Fluent communication skills in verbal and written English
  • The ability to self-manage and prioritize under tight deadlines

Bonus Skills

  • VR / AR development experience
  • Test-driven development using mocks and stubs
  • Cross-platform Unity deployments using Asset Bundles
  • Unity profiling and optimization techniques
  • Native platform profiling tools such as Oculus Perf HUD, NVidia NSight etc.
  • Experience with the Photon Unity Networking (PUN) plugin
  • Network programming using C# sockets

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