Web-based EMR and Practice Management Suite



Project: Vetofficesuite.com

Bregman Veterinary Group is the chain of veterinary hospitals with several locations on the East Coast, US.


Managing complete and up-to date medical records of the patients,  appointments, inventory records , invoicing and transactions  is often  complicated and time-consuming work that requires additional investment from the practitioners.

The chain of the veterinary hospitals needed a reliable and simple office suite that provides broad functionality, helping veterinary doctors manage their whole practice.




Key Requirements:

  • all-in-one medical office management application
  • mobility, security and comfort of use
  • simple and intuitive system, short training time for the end users
  • paperless – reports online, stored on the cloud
  • quick response time and reaction of web based emr system development and support teams



Based on the latest trends in Healthcare IT, Archer proposed Cloud Office Suite and succeded in cloud based veterinary practice management software development. It allows the remote access to managing hospitals assets and to work with the patients. The system consists of the following modules:

  • Clients and patients profiles - complete Electronic Medical Records (EMR) of the patients.
  • Appointment Management – online personal secretary that helps the practitioners plan their time, schedule the appointments with the clients, setting up the reminders.
  • Inventory and Procedures – gives the doctors access to their storage balance and lets them manage the medication inventory. Integration with the special printer allows printing the labels for prescribed medications.
  • Transactions – this section helps the doctors gain control on payments, billing and invoicing.
  • Office Documents and Reports – provides complete visibility and convenience.

The clients can log in to their profiles in the system to see their appointments, check and print lab test results, and have access to their medical history.


Value delievered:

Archer’s team has developed the whole functionality for the virtual office suite.  The single automated cloud based medical practice management solution helped the customer increase the efficiency of their practice.

The virtual office provided the customer with a new business development option – to position a subscription-based practice management tool as a single business web based EMR solution for other vet practices.

Now Archer Software provides consulting services by developing the architecture of the product, as well as R & D services and technical support.

Archer continues working on new additional features for the product while ensuring max satisfaction of existing users.

Archer plans to add the integration with apparatus laboratory complexes. This would allow, for instance, receive immediately the blood test results right within the system.


Tools and Technologies: PHP, Zend