Innovative Software Solution for Sensory& Pain Evaluation Device


Medoc is a leading developer and manufacturer of neuro-diagnostic medical systems. Medoc's PATHWAY Pain & Sensory Evaluation System introduces revolutionary new technology and capabilities in the area of objective evoked pain potential and advanced stimulator products.


Medoc needed a stable software development team able to deliver the top-notch technical solutions of embedded software based on the most modern technologies.

Key requirements: on-time delivery, user-friendly interface, easy-to-operate, cost-effective




Archer offered flexible and  cost effective outsourcing model of cooperation, when remote development Archer team have been working with onsite Medoc’s engineers. The Archer’s IT professionals created unique integration of low level and front-end software for a brand new medical device. Archer has also developed user-friendly client application interface to make the medical device easy to use every day.

Being a partner of Medoc for more than 6 years, Archer has developed unified platform for all implemented Medoc’s devices

Value delivered:

  • Archer enabled Medoc products to be certified by IEC 62304 international security standard of medical devices software.
  • Archer expertise has brought enhanced Pathway system to the completely new, much more effective and safe stage.
  • Cost effective outsourcing model of cooperation saved Medoc ~$500K.
  • R&D outsourcing allowed Medoc focus on the core activities that have made the company successful. Medoc was able to expand its product line and therefore to reach a highly competitive position on the market.

Tools and technologies:

  • C# (client application),
  • С (firmware), AutoCad, Solid Works, IDE VS2005,
  • IDE μVision , Keil C compiler, .NET 2.0, MSSQL
  • Server 2005 Express Edition, DevExpress,
  • National Instruments for charts, Stimulsoft .NET for reporting