Enterprise Application Development Solutions


Renault Group is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world with headquarters in Paris, France. Renault manufactures traditional cars and vans as well as electric cars.

Challenge: Multiple IT projects within the company required additional data and human resources. Archer Software was invited for warehouse management system development (WMS) tailored to the customer’s needs.


Solution: Archer Software coped with enterprise management system development and created a warehouse management system software for Renault Group. The application is a component of the existing warehousing management system (WMS). The new application for automotive manufacturer is capable of searching and assigning optimal storage space for cars within the wholesale distribution warehouse. It optimizes the process of finding storage space, thereby minimizing the costs of storage and handling operations.

Value delivered: The warehousing application was first implemented by Archer Software at the Renault Ukraine and Renault Russia corporate departments. It proved to be a highly efficient tool in managing warehouse capacities, optimizing routes and improving the entire supply chain process.

The system exceeded customer’s expectations. Renault Group plans to implement, at its facilities in France, the warehousing solution created by Archer Software.

The partnership between Archer Software and Renault Group has been extended to other Renault IT projects.

Archer Software gained experience in enterprise software development and  provided enterprise application development services for Renault including such benefits:

  • Storage Planning System based on a user's criteria
  • Workload and Task Management System
  • Logistics Management Module
  • Equipment Maintenance System
  • Accounting Module
  • Reports Module
  • Others

Tools and Technologies:  C# 2012 with ASP.NET 4.5, DEV Express component, Web service, jQuery, MS SQL 2012, Less & CSS