EARN Starter is a free, simple, online tool that helps you save for what's most important!


The Project: EARN is a national nonprofit that sparks financial capability and prosperity for low-income working Americans. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty for low-wage workers by helping them save and invest in their futures. As the nation's leading microsavings provider, EARN provides families with the tools to build wealth and achieve life-changing goals such as saving for emergencies, college, buying a first home, or starting a small business.

The Challenge:

EARN is undertaking the next phase on the development of its micro-saving Web application and associated Websites, Web applications and Web services. EARN’s most pressing business goals include:

  • Continuing to optimize the web application and websites to increase the number of clients converting to use our products and services
  • Creating custom builds and building out enhanced features to accommodate specific partner/pilot requests, including an administrative portal for partners
  • Integrating our systems with other organizations’ APIs
  • Evaluating and improving our existing database structure and design
  • Improving data access for relevant stakeholders, including internal staff and external partners
  • Maintaining systems to ensure dependability and security
  • Launching a mobile app version of the product in IOS and Android




The Solution:

Archer Software provides a team of qualified engineers to deliver the project scope. The team included a Principal Technical Architect to lead system design decisions and provided technical specification to the team.


What We Delivered:

The program is simple. Clients apply online, link their own savings account at one of 18,000 banks, set a personal goal, make deposits, and earn rewards. EARN is currently partnering with over 25 organizations throughout the country to offer the EARN Starter Savings Program to their clients via our standard offering along with unique customized portals providing various incentive structures and program requirements based on partner specifications.


EARN’s Web applications are built using Python and the Pyramid framework, with additional support applications built using Shiny/R. The applications are hosted on Amazon Web Services. The application system is built using a (SOA) Services Oriented Architecture. As a FinTech application, the EARN Starter Savings Program is entirely secure, using HTTPS, encrypted data and following the OSWAP standards. The project uses an agile Scrum methodology. All project tools are accessible via the public internet. For planning, requirements and issue tracking we are using Jira and Confluence OnDemand. Web site production, test and development servers and systems are hosted on Amazon Web services.

Tools and Technologies: AngularJS / Python / Django / PostgreSQL