Columbia Law School Mobile Application



The Project: Archer Software and Columbia Law School have teamed up to produce a mobile application based on the web service portal “Lawnet.”

The application is dedicated to helping students register for upcoming courses, check class schedules and grades, evaluate courses and instructors, and apply for various Columbia Law School programs. 

The Challenge: When it comes to CLS Mobile, the challenge is to create a cross-platform app that looks and feels like a native application, covers the majority of mobile devices, adapts quickly to changes in business logic, and mirrors the myriad functions of the web application “Lawnet” which Columbia’s law students find so useful. 


The Solution: A simple mobile web application for the Columbia Law School’s existing portal “LawNet” that can be used on all mobile phones that support viewing pages in a browser. This software solution synchs changes in business logic with the mobile application automatically, while a specially designed user interface give this mobile web application the feeling of a native app.

What We Delivered: 
A mobile web application that is simple to use from any mobile phone
An application that allows students to keep up with their coursework, grades, and schedule
An add/drop courses service for adding/removing courses from registration and waiting lists
A Pre-registration service
An application that supports services access permissions for different kinds of users

Tools and Technologies: 
Our specialists utilized the following technologies to create the CLS Mobile App: 
Java, Maven 3, Spring IoC (annotation and XML), Spring MVC (annotation and XML) + JSON, Spring Security (XML), Tomcat 7, JSP (basic), css3, html5, js/jquery, Angular js