UI/UX/Motion Design Services

Having successful experience with Dirigible Studio and other graphic partners, Archer Software can provide smooth, professional and reliable visual and graphic design including responsive design services tightly integrated with project development process.


Website Design Services and web, desktop and mobile applications design, created through the flow from top level wireframes and mockups through the UX models, illustration and animation, motion, screen flow diagrams to the finalized UI design, and following assets and development needs support.


Launched and coordinated in parallel with the development pipeline, design team works with client through the following conceptual steps:

  • Product audience, selling points and main message definition
  • Main user types and conceptual user flows diagrams, promo
  • Detailed screens list and flow
  • Key screens UX (user experience diagrams and guidelines)
  • Integration with web application development team deliveries schedule
  • Visual design main concept, logo and style definition
  • Graphic design branding, brand development
  • Detailed Visual Design Services of the key screens
  • UX and UI design of the secondary screens
  • Providing assets and additional materials
  • Development team support and design elements adjustment with the technology constraints


Depending on the marketing and product delivery approach chosen by client the team can work on creating in parallel the responsive web design and native mobile products. They will inherit the main style and look and feel aspects of visual design to build the recognizable family of applications while keeping the unique mobile friendly user experience and style that follows Apple and Google Android development and design guidelines.


Providing graphic design services teams work using Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator and 3DMax and Maya for 3D and architectural design.

For effective collaboration with client and integration with development teams, the tools like Invisionapp, marvelapp and Zeplin are widely used. We provide flexible pricing and individual cost.