Software Localization and Translation Services

Archer Software is expanding its business opportunities in the translation and localization IT market. Along with our technical expertise we provide our clients with full software localization services, including software translation, proofreading, implementing, linguistic and functional QA, UI adjustment, etc.


Our Localization Dept is a team of seasoned translators, programmers and language service providers, able to provide our clients with complete language solutions. Their expertise has enabled us to develop unique processes to find and engage language experts in specific language pairs and areas of specialization, to coordinate and manage translation projects of any size and type. Using this cooperative approach we help our clients to cut translation costs, reduce spending on project management, and minimize time to market, while ensuring consistently high quality of the linguistic product.


We are able to:

  • organize a network tools of linguists to provide turnkey Software Translation Solutions, proofreading, editing, and localization needs;
  • provide scalable language services based on your specific requirements;
  • manage and/or coordinate your translation projects across many language pairs;
  • select best service providers for each particular project based on our linguistic expertise


Please consider possibility to use our expertise, as well as our pool of Russian and Ukrainian translators who’s proven to deliver in a timely and professional manner.


Successfully completed hundreds of Outsource localization projects for international clients located in North America, Western Europe, and Asia including:

  • Websites (various products and services including airlines, consumer products, legal services, toys, online games, casino gaming/poker, etc.)
  • Applications including small and medium mobile applications for iOS/Android platforms.
  • PC, Xbox, and PS3 video games including in-game texts, EULAs, marketing and PR materials, printed materials (user guides), etc.


Archer has qualified in-country and international linguistic talents and the engineering capabilities for a quick ramp up and scalability of the project developers team regardless of target markets and/or languages.


One of the services that Archer provides is translation your product to the multiple languages. It can be done for any type of the product you have – website, mobile or desktop application.


Efforts depend on the two main factors: was the app planned to be translated from the beginning, and do you need to translate it to similar language or not. In any case the process is clear, but it would be different for those cases.


What does it mean if the app wasn't prepared for the translation? In this case we collecting all text resources to the single dictionary and adding translation module along with the language switcher to the user interface. More time-consuming case when the app needs to be translated into any Right-To-Left language. This case requires adjusting interface for the particular language because some elements would be shifted, and some text might appear significantly longer than original. After all these preparation steps (or omitting them if the app has already been prepared for the translation) we need to translate text dictionary to the target language and re-build the app. Easy as pie. So it doesn't matter if the app ready for the translation or not yet – we know exactly what to do and which way is the best for the particular case.