IT Outstaffing Services

Our Recruiting department provides a full spectrum of IT outstaffing services and IT recruiting solutions for our clients through more than 150 experienced professionals. Main functions of our HR department are:


IT Recruiting Solutions:

  • specification of the strategy of hiring employees. Prospects for identifying talented developers, the research of IT market.
  • the formation of the company's brand.
  • approval requirements with the Business development Department, PMs, customers
  • search for the candidates of the stated requirements (direct, executive search)
  • negotiations with the candidate, assessment of his skills
  • initial interview, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the programmers
  • coordination the candidate with technicians, interviewing them
  • discussion of wages with the candidate developers, business development department/customer
  • signing offers


The results Remote Dedicated IT Staffing:

2014 - increased the company’s staff by 50 people, including 37 staff and 13 freelancers.

2015 - increased the company’s staff by 43 people, including 29 staff and 14 freelancers.


Fastest IT Staffing Solutions runs for HR dept in 2015:

13 top notch super star Java professional developers for Smartling team within 6 months

11 high class frontend engineers for hire in SAP offices in Israel and Kiev within 2 months



  • meeting, acquaintance the engineers with the company
  • transmission of a new employee to PM
  • conversation with PM before the end of the probationary period
  • summing up at the end of the probationary period



  • administering the corporate blog
  • Organization of company events
  • development of systems of motivation



  • development of internal training, adaptation of internal PR
  • work with corporate culture


Efficiency mark:

  • assessment on the basis of reviews with leaders
  • assessment on the basis of self-employee to
  • salary reviews



  • development of corporate training centers
  • organization and participation in conferences