Business and System Analysis

Business Analysis Services are required to come first before the outsource development starts, in order to create the detailed documentation, step-by-step flow and use cases for the system of company.


The deliverables of the analytical phase are to be:

  • Software Architecture Overview
  • Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
  • Project Plan and Milestones
  • Prototype (optional)
  • Total project budget estimate
  • Full set of Wireframes


We consider the step of Business Analysis Consulting to be unavoidable for IT projects in any case, because system under design is supposed to realize the lion share of business cases. So, without proper understanding and business definition, our professionals won’t be able to design systems in a proper way.  As output of this activity we will have business model based on business use cases.

Business Analysis Solutions consist of this steps:

  • Define features to be implemented
  • Specify and agree on requirements
  • Estimate scope for current phase