Fintech & IoT

Cloud Computing and Big Data processing solutions, and the Internet of things (IoT) trend are still important factors for the majority of tech companies of all sizes.

In many industries, like the Automotive, Healthcare, and Telecom industries, are now coming out with software and hardware solutions to improve and enrich the end customer’s user experience. They are able to bring together data from dozens of various connected devices and behaviour insight tools such as connected cars, smart wearable devices and Smart Houses.

We provide a wide range of project analysis, high-quality custom software development for techologies for healthcare, consistent support throughout the project, and much more:

Columbia Law School Mobile Application
Desktop application for gathering and analyzing company values and risks
Brand Asset Management (BAM) system at JPMorgan Chase
Virtual bank for kids
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We have a strong history of working with these companies to effectively solve their problems. We were able to manage their more common routine tasks like UI development, Business Logic layer and APIs updates, and provide more difficult solutions for integration and updating the hardware connectivity layer, technical documentation, auto-testing and continuous delivery integration. This allowed our client’s team to focused on the research, science and business sensitive parts of the project, helping them fulfill their strategic plan faster and with much less “technical debt” in project codebase.