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May 08
Cloud-to-car Mapping System for Driverless Vehicles

Our world is extremely dynamic. Everything is evolving so quickly. Especially things closely associated with information technology. We are already used to cars that tell us how and where we should drive, so it’s no wonder that the next step of evolution is the driverless car. There is no doubt that autonomous driving vehicles will soon be a commercial reality.


Apr 28
Annual ISO 9001 Conformity Assessment. Version 2015

Every year, Archer Software improves our processes to conform with changes to the ISO standards. This year, we verified compliance with the new 2015 standards. Please see our page in a new ISO 9001:2015 suppliers database here.


Apr 26
All You Need to Know About Developing Vehicle Speed Control Systems

Here is some insight into car speed limiting control systems and why more and more people are turning to them.

Apr 20

Every year, the number of new driverless cars slowly increases. One way or another, modern technologies become more efficient and more exclusive, allowing car producers to create more independent, intelligent, and safer autonomous cars with various scanning devices. Which is better? Let’s see it in a LIDAR vs RADAR automotive comparison.


Mar 24
How to Develop a Leads Management System for a Law School?

Lead management is the system of sorting, setting priorities, and creating sales leads generated from various sources. Due to particular marketing strategies, implemented sales generating, and advertising practices, any company can create its own widened client base to allow business to grow further. Process systematization can optimize expenses and make the operation of enterprises more efficient. So, how does one reach a maximum level of  business process optimization?


Mar 17
Enterprise Asset Management Software: Best Practices for Development

Startups and enterprises tend to implement a variety of systems to track physical assets. Monitoring and business analytics are crucial for any successful startup. Standard asset management tools create orders,control inventory, and help provide customer. Enterprise asset management software (EAMS) widens these functions and allows organizations to improve control mechanisms to manage company investments. How do you implement software like this to optimize expenses?


Mar 16
5 Reasons to Build a Health Monitoring System for a Hospital

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the US, about 1,700 people die every day from heart disease. One of the main reason for the high number of deaths is the absence of timely and qualified assistance. Continuous health monitoring can save up to 60% of human lives through timely detection to prevent heart attacks.