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Dec 15
How Big Data Can Be Used in Automotive
What business doesn’t use Big Data these days? Surprisingly, there are still plenty; however, they might be missing out on a lot, as new technologies sprint forward really fast. Luckily, we are now going to talk about big data in automotive, and that is definitely something interesting and truly progressive.
Dec 12
How Blockchain Is Changing the Auto Industry
Many people know that the blockchain, one of the most known trends of 2017, stands behind all cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin; however, this technology has a much bigger potential than just financial transactions. In this article, we will cover how the automotive sector can benefit from the blockchain.  
Dec 08
How to Build a Virtual Nurse App Like Sensely?
Advances in technology have traditionally triggered changes in business. Interactive tools provided by state-of-the-art computer software mean positive changes in healthcare domain and particularly in the nursing profession.
Nov 29
Value-Based Healthcare: Who Needs It?
What is value-based healthcare and what makes it value based? Historically America’s healthcare system used care delivery models focused on rewards or reimbursements in a fee-for-service (FFS) environment. That means that care providers are paid for rendered services (doctor visits, tests, surgical procedures, hospital stays, etc). In other words fee-for-service payment models promote the extensive use of various tests and procedures to bill the payers for.  
Oct 23
What is a data set? Let’s look into how data sets are used in healthcare industry.
Oct 09
How Healthcare Data Management Overcomes Challenges for Hospitals?
The evolution of technology is driving the evolution of healthcare. Modern healthcare systems need effective means to manage health data capable of providing care providers and professionals with fully integrated and complete medical records.     
Sep 26
UX Design for Mobile Health Apps: Best Practices
With 3G and 4G networks, smartphones, tablets, other mobile platforms, and various connected devices being such an integral part of modern life, it’s no wonder that mobile health (or mHealth) has become so popular around the world. People are more interested in their well-being, health, and personal safety and have become more proactive when it comes to monitoring their vitals and participating in the treatment process.
Sep 22
Although text messaging is still a major force when it comes to healthcare providers, one would hardly dispute the growth of new digital technologies in the industry.  Modern healthcare industry trends are available in various forms, especially today, and include security means, advanced data collection methods, and more. These are all aimed at increasing the quality of patient care, providing high-quality assistance to all types of consumers according to their needs.