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Jun 12
Archer Software, the leading IT Solution Provider in Ukraine, visited the premier IT Outsourcing event in the Nordic space, which took place on May 22-23, 2014.   Key consulting and software providers from the main outsourcing locations, on one side, and C-level executives of the top companies, on the other side, converged to Stockholm. The IT customers that attended the event are the top players in Banking, Automotive, Energy,   Communications, and Manufacturing - the core industries of Scandinavian economy.  
May 21
Up-to-date information regarding vital help to the militaries: We talked  to the Ukrainian forces territorial defense unit. They are now in a hard situation as they  are sent to the most destabilized regions of the country as a part of the anti-terroristic operation (they’re back on the road now). Two soldiers of the battalion have been killed. They receive bulletproof vests but not enough: for 425 people there are only 100 vests of level IV protection.
May 05
Archer Software has successfully passed ISO certification audit at our R&D center in Ukraine. In April 2013, Archer Software obtained the Certificate according to ISO 9001:2008 international Standard.
Dec 25
The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree: a fairy tale by Archer Software
Dec 06
​ Before making a decision on outsourcing the project there are several things to bear in mind. Among them the most essential things to remember are TOP-5 MISTAKES FOR OUTSOURCER TO AVOID: what you need to know before you start working with outsourcing partner:
Dec 06
Recording of webinar “The Pendulum Swings to Europe – OUTSOURCING IN THE UKRAINE” held on October 30th