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Oct 06


Many governments nowadays support and promote renewable energy solutions. As  pollutants such as petrol are becoming less available and more costly, electric cars are becoming the future of the automotive world.

From the customer’s side, increased interest in Electric Vehicles (EVs) is based on many factors:  lower running costs, environmental sustainability, improved safety and practicality.

However, the challenges faced by the electric-car market may prohibit this segment not only from faster growth but also from conquering  new national markets.


Oct 01
Tech Startups That Are Transforming Healthcare


Medicine has been a very traditional field since its inception. It adopts changes slowly and reluctantly.

People with technology backgrounds have fresh perspectives concerning the problems that healthcare faces now. By applying their skills and knowledge they are often able to find effective solutions to issues inherent in a bureaucratic and distended healthcare system.

Sep 10

Linguahack is a hackathon for JAVA developers.  The topic of this hackathon is: “Languages and everything that is related to languages”.


It is organized by Archer Software and Smartling development team in Kiev on September 13-14, 2014.  It has a format of 30-hour marathon for the developers.


The venue is: café “Chasopys”,3 Lva Tolstogo st., Kyiv.


Sep 10

Valentin Kozhevnikov, Senior Software Project Manager at Archer Software, Smartling Project


Test Driven Development: Our Story 1


Sep 10
Web Mobile vs Native Mobile Apps: Making the Right Decision

Contributor: Alex Sharko, COO at Archer Software


Web Mobile vs Native Mobile Apps: Making the Right Decision


Since the time Responsive Design and “Mobile First” hit the market, web technologies continued improving, and now they give developers the power to create even better user experience with modern web development tools.

Sep 01

One of the popular medical apps categories geared toward healthcare professionals are Medical Calculators and Reference Information.  The Doctors and students often need to check symptoms or want a quick refresher on a procedure.


We have reviewed several mobile apps that stand out due to innovative approach they provide:


Aug 05

 Archer Software adopted continuous delivery for their customer, Smartling, a cloud-based translation management platform.  Alex Shesterov told us about continuous delivery and his team experience in adopting this practice. 

PM in Focus: Continuous Delivery - Archer Software's Experience

Aug 05
Swift vs. Objective-C.

Swift, a new iOS app programming language, was announced by Apple Inc. in June, 2014.