How Much Does it Cost to Make a Medical Billing Software for the Hospital?

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Medical Billing Software for the Hospital?
Dec 02



Today the payment process at the healthcare industry is fast and easy - most of the transactions are going thru medical billing softwares. Less paperwork and more convenience for patients, doctors and health insurance companies. Furthermore, a billing software will never lose or mess up patients medical records, so all the bills and claims will be sent on time. On this way, doctors will stay focused on treatment plans and the hospital administrative system will be more organized.


Therefore, if you decided to create a custom medical billing software, you will find your place on the healthcare market. There are a lot of examples of medical billing software today but below we give few tips and tricks, in order to help you develop the best one.


Medical billing software development: key things to know about


A great medical billing software should have some key characteristics, in order to be useful for both hospitals and health insurance companies. Therefore, we have to list some before talking about the software main and additional features.

  • Fast and efficient: there is no point to use a software, if it is not quicker and more effective than a paperwork. Therefore, it should maintain insurance claims, billing transactions and history, documentation and medical records “in one click”.

  • Easy to use: not everybody is familiar with modern technologies, so the software should have an easy user-friendly interface and smart design. Software is created in order to make the working process easier, so keep it smart and simple.

  • Tracking every patient: billing software optimizes the administration process by tracking all the patients history at the same time. However, it should give access to each patient records, claims and billing history individually. Basically, it should work as a huge electronic archive.

  • Verifying patient eligibility: sometimes a patient does not know that his insurance is expired and send a claim. However, the software system should always have all the latest data updates.



General features of a medical billing software


After listing the key characteristics of the software, it is time to talk about the general features that are “must have” for the medical billing software. Therefore, when your developers (or you) build it, be sure that everything is included.

  • Claims management: basically, the main feature of the custom medical billing software is claim managing. A proper software should allow fast and easy communication between patient-hospital and insurance company, so all the claims are sent and received as fast as possible. Furthermore, claims re-submitting process becomes easier as well.

  • Eligibility checking: how many patients often are not aware that their insurance is expired while going to the hospital? Medical software keeps all the information about patient insurance status, so the hospital can avoid the situation, when the patient finds out that his insurance company does not accept the claim.

  • Patient profile: medical software should keep everything organized and create a personal profile for every patient including all the necessary information: medical records, transactions history, demographical information, ID and insurance numbers and photo. Payment information should be there as well - credit card or bank account number. As for the contact info - phone number, address and e-mail, if necessary.

  • Payment charging, tracking and reminding: medical billing software takes up all the payment procedures. It makes the charging easy even if the patient had many appointments with different doctors - the software will connect all the charges and issue one bill. All the transactions records will be saved in database. Another advantage - the software will automatically inform the patient when his account is overdue.



Next step after the key characteristics and features is interface. Keep it smart and user-friendly - the software should save time and not make the life difficult instead. There is a trick about how to make a medical billing software for hospital that looks good and is easy to use: workflow dashboard with menu bar on the side and easy navigation.


A dashboard keeps everything structured: patients profiles and eligibility, transactions history, all the claims (approved, in process, and payed), bills and appointment schedules. A dashboard is easy to manage - all the tabs are in one place and can be opened and checked at the same time. Therefore all the information is accessible in one click to hospital, patient and insurance company.  

Web based or cloud based software?

After all the features and interface are set, there is a time to decide between the web and cloud based types of software. Not so long ago all the softwares were based on Internet servers but now the cloud storing technology came up. Therefore, is there a point to develop a medical billing software on a traditional web-based way?

  • Time and money costs are higher;

  • The software data and records will be not accessible to all;

  • It is less secure;

  • It needs to be installed on all the computers.

Therefore, it is better to use a modern technology and make a cloud application. Why?

  • It is accessible to everybody having a Google account;

  • The data is more secured and easier to restore;

  • It is accessible from every PC and laptop without installing;

  • It is easier to update;

  • Time and money costs are lower than for the web based software.

Cloud based software gives easy access to every valid user - it is one of the main features of a medical billing software, because system must provide proper communication between hospital, patient and insurance company. So the working process becomes more efficient. With all the rest of advantages, cloud data system definitely wins.


How much does it cost to make a medical billing software?

So, what is the price of developing a billing software with all the key features, online notifications and smart interface? If you go outsource, you will get hourly rate about $50-$150 from development company. However, a local developers can charge even $250 per hour. According to this numbers you can calculate approximate medical billing software development cost, keeping in mind that development time can strongly vary depending on features you choose to implement.


As for web-based software. We already mentioned, a medical billing software hosted on web server will cost more time and money. From the other hand, cloud based software requires less time and resources to be developed. Therefore, you can reduce cost to build online medical software by building a cloud-based product. Moreover, cloud is a much more modern way to store information and a lot of hospitals use it.


Professional medical billing software development


If you are not familiar with the software development, we recommend to hire a professional development team. Software development is not an easy task but a complicated process, which can go wrong any time because of human factor or technological issues. It may seems easy to develop a software, especially if you have a basic IT knowledge, but in fact it is not.


So here we are, an outsource development company which have already brought to life dozens of profitable IT solutions. We clearly understand what the client wants and build a software according to his needs. Here, in Archer Software we believe that development and design is an individual process, so we give a maximum attention to every project trying to achieve the best possible result.


Trusting us, you receive not “the best medical software on the market” that is just another clone, but a software that reflects exactly your practical needs. We also guarantee nice and smart design that will make your software remarkable on the market. Therefore, if you want to get an IT solution that is worth of its investments today, contact us.

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