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Contributor: Vladimir Tutov, PM at Archer Software


“Hi there!”, said John, “I wanted to add a few small features to my app. You should remember it. You developed it 2 years ago.”

“Good afternoon, John. Well, yeah, there was something like this. And I think we still have the source code. Let’s go over what you want to add, so we’ll estimate the changes,”


Contributor: Vladimir Tutov, PM at Archer Software


This is it! Your project has finally been released to end-users. Now it’s time to sit back and wait for the positive feedback to start rolling in. In the meantime, what should you be doing with the technical side of the project?  How can we maintain our new product in the most efficient way? That is, with the fewest resources necessary. Let’s review what the average support process looks like.


1. Monitoring

Feb 24 Metrics in IT Projects
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Metrics in IT Projects

Contributor: Dmitriy Vinichenko, PM at Archer Software


Metrics are one of the most natural things in our lives. Just consider some of the questions we’re most often asked, or that we ask ourselves. How old are you? How many people are coming to your party? How many of those people do you actually want to see?


Contributor: Alex Sharko, PM at Archer Software



Most of the projects start with the estimation process when the vision and features set of the projects are evaluated and transformed to the work plan and needed working tracks and efforts ROM estimate.


So what is takes to build the estimate, what you get and how are we doing it?