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Startups and enterprises tend to implement a variety of systems to track physical assets. Monitoring and business analytics are crucial for any successful startup. Standard asset management tools create orders,control inventory, and help provide customer. Enterprise asset management software (EAMS) widens these functions and allows organizations to improve control mechanisms to manage company investments. How do you implement software like this to optimize expenses?


Embedded systems are everywhere. For example, our house is full of embedded systems: a washing machine and coffee maker, TV with remote control, electric oven and refrigerator, burglar alarm, stereo and DVD player, wireless "smart home" system.


So you’ve decided to find a software development company that will release unique custom product for business. There may be dozens of offers on the local market for it. But what if none of them will meet all the requirements of time and money? Then it makes sense to look for a team that is outside the market. Such an offshore solution is a great option for those who can’t find appropriate offers in their countries and markets. Outsourcing mobile application development gains rapid popularity lately.

We all know what are the prices on food, costs of traveling, train tickets values and all the rest of what we encounter on a fairly regular basis. However, what about mobile app development cost? How much does it cost to make a mobile app? What are the components that affect on project price?

When it comes to a business promotion, everyone understands that the only way to do it right is to create a recognizable brand for their product. Based on this view, the eCommerce website is deemed to be a face of the brand. It is really simple here – the better face your brand has the more successful your business is.


Jul 23 When Connected Cars Meet the IoT
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When Connected Cars Meet the IoT

Since the beginning of the term connected car, the conversation has focused almost entirely on the vehicle - a vehicle that is equipped with Internet access and connected to services outside the car.