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The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to devices and objects connected to the Internet or other devices and machines that operate independently of human involvement. The IoT is a new stage of the development of the Internet industry. It significantly expands the possibilities of collection, analysis and distribution of data that a person can turn into information.


Jul 27 Smart Home App Development
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Smart Home App Development

The concept of a “smart home” has radically changed our views on the way of life living in a modern house. This technology combines in a single whole digital video surveillance system, alarm system, access control systems, climate control, etc. It is obvious that all of these systems need to be managed somehow.



Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest trade fairs in mobile industry and hold in Barcelona, 22-25 February 2016.


Archer Software had an opportunity to share our expertise in the area of software development, as well as to present some of our latest solutions in the automotive and healthcare trends.

May 24 Top 7 Best PHP Frameworks for 2017
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Top 7 Best PHP Frameworks for 2016

As we all know PHP is the most popular and convenient scripting language. It makes development process much easier and helps to reduce development costs and time. That’s why the focus is turning towards to using this programming language.


When it comes to a business promotion, everyone understands that the only way to do it right is to create a recognizable brand for their product. Based on this view, the eCommerce website is deemed to be a face of the brand. It is really simple here – the better face your brand has the more successful your business is.


As you may know, The annual Connected Cars conference took place in Amsterdam last week. Archer Software took part in the round table discussions, tech meetings and attended the panel discussions with major OEM such as Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Honda, Seat, Feat, Nissan, PSA, tier 1 and 2 companies like Tomtom, Harman, Ericsson and others hardware, software, connectivity, government bodies and insurance providers.

As you may probably know, last week Mobile World Congress’15  took part at Barcelona, Spain. This mobile world congress is not just a mobile phone event, but a computer & software event, and affects not only telephony, but every single area of Business in the world. The name of the Mobile World Congress should eventually reflect that change of object of the Congress.


Feb 24 ISO 9001 Conformity Assessment
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ISO 9001 Conformity Assessment

Last year Archer Software was awarded the ISO 9001 certificate of compliance. This year in February we had to improve our standards in conformity with changes to the ISO system.


Feb 18 Outsourcing in IT sector
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Outsourcing in IT sector

Working in the IT sector means that you get to be a part of modern innovation every day – especially in the mobile sector where users feel increasingly comfortable. IT departments must find a balance between maintaining older technologies, and developing new ones; budgeting is, as always, another big factor in this equation. If too much of an IT department’s time is spent on support, it risks becoming a stumbling block to innovation or a money pit.


Those of us who follow startups and their internal culture have noticed a sea-change in the way tech companies look at marketing. The traditional “VP of Marketing” is slowly but sure being replaced by someone called a “Growth Hacker,” especially for bootstrapped startups that must rely on tenacity and skill to compete with bigger fish.