2009: the project started from tight cooperation with a team of only 2 people: Smartling founder and Archer’s leading architect.

2010: Series A funding round - over $4M investment

2011: Series B funding round - over $10M investment

2012: Smartling Receives Top Honors At TAUS User Conference; CEO Jack Welde Named The Leader of Change in Translation and Localization; Smartling Named AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner for Second Consecutive Year

  • Foursquare, Vimeo, Get Satisfaction, SurveyMonkey and Meetme are Smartling’s clients
  • 25 (!) extremely talented developers and NetOps, Cisco and Microsoft certified
  • Wide range of technologies from pure C to J2EE
  • Crowdsourcing and SEO
  • 24/7 support. 99.99% uptime.