Room to care: A Web Application

Room to care



Room2Care is a web-service that helps people find qualified and compassionate caregivers for members of their family. Whether you’re considering home-care or placement in a facility, Room2Care can help by providing valuable information and arranging interviews.

The Challenge: Archer Software’s goal for this project was to create a web application that allowed senior citizens and their loved ones to search for caregivers in their area. The service would also have to allow caregivers to register with information about how they could provide care. For instance, many caregivers rent spare rooms to recipients of their care, though others might opt for extended visits to clients.



The Solution: A simple and user-friendly website that gives senior citizens the tools to find caregivers when they need them. The website consists of two parts-one for caregivers and one for those looking for assistance. There is also a special feature which helps senior citizens find roommates who share their needs and hobbies.

All of the site’s options are enriched with video instructions that facilitate navigation.

What We Delivered:

  • An easy to use web application designed with older visitors in mind
  • An application that allows senior citizens to find the care they need
  • An application that allows caregivers to advertise their services online
  • A geolocation searching engine that helps show users where they can find quick assistance
  • Quick and simple registration via Google+ or Facebook
  • All options include video instructions to help users get service fast


Tools and Technologies:

Our specialists utilized the following technologies when creating Room2Care:

Python, Django framework