High Tech & IoT

The Project: EARN is a national nonprofit that sparks financial capability and prosperity for low-income working Americans. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty for low-wage workers by helping them save and invest in their futures. As the nation's leading microsavings provider, EARN provides families with the tools to build wealth and achieve life-changing goals such as saving for emergencies, college, buying a first home, or starting a small business.


The Project: Bankaroo is a virtual bank that teaches kids about the value of money in a simple and fun way. Bankaroo was created by an eleven-year-old named Danielle, who was looking for a good way to track her money and allowance and thought other kids could use the tool as well. Today, Bankaroo has thousands of members from more than 70 countries around the globe.

The Project: Archer Software and Columbia Law School have teamed up to produce a mobile application based on the web service portal “Lawnet.” The application is dedicated to helping students register for upcoming courses, check class schedules and grades, evaluate courses and instructors, and apply for various Columbia Law School programs. 

True Balance Desktop is a desktop application for gathering and analyzing company values and risks. 

The Challenge:  True Balance wanted to implement design changes that would make it easier to deliver a more accurate, timely, and reliable depiction of a company’s values and risks. 

On a partnership basis Archer Software and Runtime Technologies implemented Brand Asset Management (BAM) system at JPMorgan Chase – a leading financial services company with global scale and reach.

BAM makes managing brands easier, more effective, and cost-efficient because of 4 advantages: features / functionality, architecture / infrastructure, open Source, software as a service (SaaS).

On a partnership basis Archer Software and Runtime Technologies had IT works done for USGA concerning their website, payment system etc.

IDshield is a strong authentication business solution developed by Safe3W company (became a part of iPass Inc. later). Not only did the company have this product, but they also investigated how to reach the market with reduced development cost. The only thing they needed was a trustworthy partner and a number of strategically-important integration projects to be implemented.

VINC is a desktop platform for educational presentations, consisting of Creator and Player apps to build and view a step-by-step interactive training that includes images, audio files, movies and animations. Similar web-apps and server-side supporting services are to be created and established. Key objective is to provide technical writers and graphic designers with a cost-effective collaborative platform for easy creation of sophisticated interactive training presentations.

ZangZing is a Ruby-on-Rails website for photo sharing. Users can create albums, add pictures, and share with friends. In addition to uploading pictures directly from their computers, users will be able to import photos they have already uploaded to other services, like Flickr and Kodak Galleries.