Musketeer revolutionizes personal safety.  Utilizing today's most advanced technologies, Musketeer aims to make society safer by enabling peer-to-peer help anywhere at any time. The Musketeer app is for the community, the Musketeer philosophy is for everyone. Smarter cities, informed companies, and united peoples, building a safer world for everyone in it. The Musketeer app is for a community, the Musketeer philosophy is for everyone. 


Room2Care is a web-service that helps people find qualified and compassionate caregivers for members of their family. Whether you’re considering home-care or placement in a facility, Room2Care can help by providing valuable information and arranging interviews.

The Challenge: Archer Software’s goal for this project was to create a web application that allowed senior citizens and their loved ones to search for caregivers in their area. 

Wisen LLC is a company that creates tools that support whole wellness and foster positive change.

Challenge: How to make mobile app that can track life balance, how to develop its clones depending on features you want to track and on what kind of application it should be, pay or free? To track general life indicators we developed application that traces key areas of life.

Bregman Veterinary Group is the chain of veterinary hospitals with several locations on the East Coast, US.

Challenge: The chain of the veterinary hospitals needed a reliable and simple office suite that provides broad functionality, helping veterinary doctors manage their whole practice: managing complete and up-to date medical records of the patients,  appointments, records and others. is online portal created for caregivers to help them make confident, informed decisions and successfully navigate the complex world of eldercare. provides expert information, practical action steps, guides, resources and personalized plans.


Customer’s website was poorly coded and had hacked Drupal core. Multiple issues prevented client from hosting the website in Acquia environment and extending its functionality.

Mobile Health One, Inc. (MHO), based in New York, is a national healthcare communications technology company. 

Challenge: To improve workflow productivity of healthcare professionals, companies needed online communication platform allowing healthcare professionals and their patients securely communicate with other professionals simultaneously and easily share the data and images.

Chronic Wellness Tracker is a self-management application for people who are challenged with chronic illness.

Challenge: Application helps to be well prepared to the doctor’s appointment and get more precise and accurate prescriptions. Based on generated reports caregivers will be able to correlate treatment according to patient’s needs.

Moodspin, Inc. is a developer of different types of mobile applications for various needs of Android and iOS users.

Challenge: How to monitor medication effect on the patient out of hospital? Doctors need to enable patients to track their conditions on the go without frequent, costly interventions.

Rimed is a medical company that developed Digital Transcranial Doppler (TCD), a comprehensive diagnostic solution for neurosonology or neurovascular labs. The system consists of hardware and software part.

Challenge: Rimed needed a long-term software development partner to create up-to-date computerized system allowing doctors to examine blood vessels of the patient‘s brain.