Success Stories

Shift life-wheel
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Shift life-wheel family of applications

Wisen LLC is a company that creates tools that support whole wellness and foster positive change.


How to make mobile application that can track your life balance, how to develop its clones depending on features you want to track and on what kind of application it should be, pay or free?

In overloaded way of life it is important to monitor whole wellness indicators to predict possible diseases controlling the stability of Sleep, Energy, Health, Mood, Gratitude, Spirit, Nature and Movement. It is hard to monitor this indicators manually so we had to develop simple to use applications to measure an individual’s life balance and sense of fulfillment.

To track other general life indicators we developed application that traces: Body, Mind, Soul, Love, Work, Nature, Gratitude, and Community and shows a view of life balance.

The third application allows to track 12 key areas of pet’s life: Demeanor, Mood, Appetite, Energy, Elimination, Gait, Skin, Sociability, Attentiveness, Home Behavior, Manners, and Obedience.

True Balance Desktop
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True Balance Desktop

True Balance Desktop is a desktop application for gathering and analyzing company values and risks.
Most leaders rely heavily on financial and operational metrics which yield important, yet limited, insights into their organizations. Now, with True Balance Desktop, executives can get a better idea of what’s really behind the numbers. By facilitating interviews with company personnel, the application aids users in the identification of organizational weaknesses, especially when it comes to human resources and management. 

The Challenge:  True Balance wanted to implement design changes that would make it easier to deliver a more accurate, timely, and reliable depiction of a company’s values and risks. 

CLS mobile
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Columbia Law School Mobile Application

The Project: Archer Software and Columbia Law School have teamed up to produce a mobile application based on the web service portal “Lawnet.”

The application is dedicated to helping students register for upcoming courses, check class schedules and grades, evaluate courses and instructors, and apply for various Columbia Law School programs. 

The Challenge: When it comes to CLS Mobile, the challenge is to create a cross-platform app that looks and feels like a native application, covers the majority of mobile devices, adapts quickly to changes in business logic, and mirrors the myriad functions of the web application “Lawnet” which Columbia’s law students find so useful. 

Room to care
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Room to care

Room2Care is a web-service that helps people find qualified and compassionate caregivers for members of their family. Whether you’re considering home-care or placement in a facility, Room2Care can help by providing valuable information and arranging interviews.

The Challenge: Archer Software’s goal for this project was to create a web application that allowed senior citizens and their loved ones to search for caregivers in their area. The service would also have to allow caregivers to register with information about how they could provide care. For instance, many caregivers rent spare rooms to recipients of their care, though others might opt for extended visits to clients.

Phone And Pay
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Phone And Pay: cashless parking system

Established in 2009, “Phone and Pay” is a cashless parking provider offering an array of modern payment options for motorists throughout the U.K.

Challenge: how to make parking easier? It’s easy!

  • No more fumbling for loose change
  • No need to hurry to the nearest pay and display machine
  • Less time spent on running back and forth to renew a parking session
  • You can even pay for parking in advance
  • No need to cut short important meetings as you can extend a parking session the same way you initially paid