Success Stories

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SW/HW Integration for Autotronics Training Laboratory

Project: AT-VDT


Degem Systems is a developer, producer and supplier of computer training and educational systems.


The major American automotive manufacturers desired a system which would provide hands-on training for high-quality autotronics technicians. They  asked Degem Systems to create a computer-integrated laboratory for automotive training. Archer Software was invited by Degem to provide integrated software and hardware for motor mechanics emulators and to develop and test the software for the learning course.

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Enterprise Software Applications for Automotive Manufacturer


Renault Group is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world with headquarters in Paris, France.  Renault manufactures traditional cars and vans as well as electric cars.


Multiple IT projects within the company required additional data and human resources. Archer Software was invited for warehouse management system development (WMS) tailored to the customer’s needs.

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E-commerce Website and Appointment Management System


Technoopttorg  is the biggest spare parts supplier in the national market. It distributes all kinds of rims and tires, including tires for agricultural and industrial equipment. It also owns a chain of car service stations.

Challenge:  To increase the success of their business and to gain competitive advantages, the company needed a modern, fully functional online shop. It also wanted to offer its customers the ability to find the nearest car service station and make appointments for tire services online.

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Android Application for a Car Manufacturer

Project: Volvo MyCar

Volvo Car Corporation is a premium car manufacturer founded in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company manufactures and markets sport utility vehicles, station wagons, sedans, compact executive sedans, and coupes.


Volvo Cars needed a way to engage with their existing customers and prospects on Norwegian market  and to improve their Volvo brand.

Shift life-wheel
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Shift life-wheel family of applications

Wisen LLC is a company that creates tools that support whole wellness and foster positive change.


How to make mobile application that can track your life balance, how to develop its clones depending on features you want to track and on what kind of application it should be, pay or free?

In overloaded way of life it is important to monitor whole wellness indicators to predict possible diseases controlling the stability of Sleep, Energy, Health, Mood, Gratitude, Spirit, Nature and Movement. It is hard to monitor this indicators manually so we had to develop simple to use applications to measure an individual’s life balance and sense of fulfillment.

To track other general life indicators we developed application that traces: Body, Mind, Soul, Love, Work, Nature, Gratitude, and Community and shows a view of life balance.

The third application allows to track 12 key areas of pet’s life: Demeanor, Mood, Appetite, Energy, Elimination, Gait, Skin, Sociability, Attentiveness, Home Behavior, Manners, and Obedience.