Custom Software Development Solutions

We provide a full spectrum of custom software development services for our clients (including startups) through more than 150 experienced professionals and custom software developers. We have a wide 15+ years of experience providing IT development for business using mobile platform, web, desktop, embedded technologies (PHP, .NET technology, Ruby and etc), design and delivery practices (introducing Continuous Integration, moving products to the cloud, integrating Automated QA, etc.). The main disciplines available at ArcherSoft are: project management, business analytics, systems analytics, development, QA engineering, netOps/devOps (network/development  operations).


Archer Outsource Software Development process covers running in parallel 50+ projects of different scope (3-40 team members) and domains. All projects CPI:

for 2014: 99.6%,

for 2015: 100.1%


Development methodology at Archer is a fully formalized and structured process which is documented and implemented within the company. Our methodology is a successful combination of agile methodology (SCRUM-adopted to our environment) and our own experience, groundwork, best practices. We also have an experience working within the frame of V-Model Development Process which was successfully followed many times when performing the projects for the customer, who prefers Waterfall approach.


Here in Archer we use our own compilation of different project management methodologies, which is based on RUP / Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP) / PMBok technics.

Basically, Offshore Software Development Solutions consist of following phases:

  • Initial phase, Before the project started. This is the stage when we are discussing with customer all major requirements (functional and non-functional) and constraints, including scope, budget and timeline, choosing pricing model, Fixed price or Time & material (for more information please read the article), based on these decisions we are starting the project and moving toward next phase.
  • Construction Phase, Construction and transition. We tend to run the sprints with typical scrum/xp structure that contains sprint planning, backlog grooming, daily stand-ups, sprint demo and retrospective. We adapt and tune these practices for every specific project depending on its needs.
  • Closing phase. This is the stage when all bunches of work is being completed and the project meets customer requirements, which is described in specification. This stage is rather formal and consist of formal acceptance of the project, singing all the documents and processing payments. From time to time at this stage customer realizes that he needs few more additional features or improvements, so it can be base for further project versions.