We provide a full spectrum of custom software development services for our clients (including startups) through more than 150 experienced professionals and custom software developers. We have a wide 15+ years of experience providing IT development for business using mobile platform, web, desktop, embedded technologies (PHP, .NET technology, Ruby and etc), design and delivery practices (introducing Continuous Integration, moving products to the cloud, integrating Automated QA, etc.). The main disciplines available at ArcherSoft are: project management, business analytics, systems analytics, development, QA engineering, netOps/devOps (network/development  operations).


Archer Outsource Software Development process covers running in parallel 50+ projects of different scope (3-40 team members) and domains. All projects CPI:

for 2014: 99.6%,

for 2015: 100.1%


Development methodology at Archer is a fully formalized and structured process which is documented and implemented within the company. Our methodology is a successful combination of agile methodology (SCRUM-adopted to our environment) and our own experience, groundwork, best practices. We also have an experience working within the frame of V-Model Development Process which was successfully followed many times when performing the projects for the customer, who prefers Waterfall approach.


Here in Archer we use our own compilation of different project management methodologies, which is based on RUP / Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP) / PMBok technics.

Basically, Offshore Software Development Solutions consist of following phases:

  • Initial phase, Before the project started. This is the stage when we are discussing with customer all major requirements (functional and non-functional) and constraints, including scope, budget and timeline, choosing pricing model, Fixed price or Time & material (for more information please read the article), based on these decisions we are starting the project and moving toward next phase.
  • Construction Phase, Construction and transition. We tend to run the sprints with typical scrum/xp structure that contains sprint planning, backlog grooming, daily stand-ups, sprint demo and retrospective. We adapt and tune these practices for every specific project depending on its needs.
  • Closing phase. This is the stage when all bunches of work is being completed and the project meets customer requirements, which is described in specification. This stage is rather formal and consist of formal acceptance of the project, singing all the documents and processing payments. From time to time at this stage customer realizes that he needs few more additional features or improvements, so it can be base for further project versions.

Archer Software has a wide array of experience in different mobile app development services for iOS, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry. We have already created several effective software solutions for partners and clients. We also successfully completed numbers of  of developing and porting and hybrid mobile projects targeting  iOS, Android and Windows phone platforms.


Archer Software provides custom mobile app development and has a lot of experience developing applications. We are happy to contribute to our clients mission and help to benefit from novel and proven information technologies. We do always keep abreast of the latest trends in software development technology and provide advisory and consulting to our clients while selecting framework, deciding what platform to target first and weather to go “native”, “hybrid” or “web mobile” way.


If you are now on a turnpoint selecting whether to go native or hybrid/web approach - those main factors can help you decide:



You can read more on this from one of our lead developers here: link


Our team is ready to join your project on any stage - whether it is: business analysis phase, UI design, architecture development, building hardware interfaces, integration with third party systems, existing software upgrades, testing or NetOps support.


As a mobile app development company we offer to our clients mobile app developers for hire to build all types of mobile software development solutions:


IOS app development


World of iOS dev is wide and colorful : ) Here in Archer Software we can help choose and master Objective-C, Swift and produce the apps for iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS


All this may need a bit of clarification: we work mostly on Swift that was created in order to replace Objective-C as the main iOS coding language. However, Swift is capable of working alongside Objective-C while using Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks in iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS development respectively. We have a pool of both Objective-C and Swift developers ready to answer your questions and provide required changes to your apps.

As a separate business changing apps we can build for wearable devices and have a good experience developing applications for Apple Watch.


Android app development


Archer software has a broad experience in developing applications for Android. Depending on the need of your business, our Java programmers are ready to create any custom solutions including integration of third-party libraries in C/C++, APIs, custom components, low level development under root and for some specific cases - even without it.

Here are some examples of the UI and custom components

Same as working with iOS platform, developing for Android we have wide experience of hybrid apps development.


Windows phone app development


We offer a deep knowledge and experience in developing and porting Windows phone applications and our programmers are ready to develop any software on C# and managed .NET code.

Our Recruiting department provides a full spectrum of IT outstaffing services and IT recruiting solutions for our clients through more than 150 experienced professionals. Main functions of our HR department are:


IT Recruiting Solutions:

  • specification of the strategy of hiring employees. Prospects for identifying talented developers, the research of IT market.
  • the formation of the company's brand.
  • approval requirements with the Business development Department, PMs, customers
  • search for the candidates of the stated requirements (direct, executive search)
  • negotiations with the candidate, assessment of his skills
  • initial interview, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the programmers
  • coordination the candidate with technicians, interviewing them
  • discussion of wages with the candidate developers, business development department/customer
  • signing offers


The results Remote Dedicated IT Staffing:

2014 - increased the company’s staff by 50 people, including 37 staff and 13 freelancers.

2015 - increased the company’s staff by 43 people, including 29 staff and 14 freelancers.


Fastest IT Staffing Solutions runs for HR dept in 2015:

13 top notch super star Java professional developers for Smartling team within 6 months

11 high class frontend engineers for hire in SAP offices in Israel and Kiev within 2 months



  • meeting, acquaintance the engineers with the company
  • transmission of a new employee to PM
  • conversation with PM before the end of the probationary period
  • summing up at the end of the probationary period



  • administering the corporate blog
  • Organization of company events
  • development of systems of motivation



  • development of internal training, adaptation of internal PR
  • work with corporate culture


Efficiency mark:

  • assessment on the basis of reviews with leaders
  • assessment on the basis of self-employee to
  • salary reviews



  • development of corporate training centers
  • organization and participation in conferences

SUPPORT to enhance. Get long-term support and remote administration for your IT infrastructure with 99.9% uptime – always going, never stopping, and always improving.

We install, patch, monitor, tune, script and secure everything possible: all kinds of servers, firewalls, VPN soft/hardware, VoIP-related soft/hardware etc.

We design custom service plans offering specific services to fit your specific needs.

Having successful experience with Dirigible Studio and other graphic partners, Archer Software can provide smooth, professional and reliable visual and graphic design including responsive design services tightly integrated with project development process.


Website Design Services and web, desktop and mobile applications design, created through the flow from top level wireframes and mockups through the UX models, illustration and animation, motion, screen flow diagrams to the finalized UI design, and following assets and development needs support.


Launched and coordinated in parallel with the development pipeline, design team works with client through the following conceptual steps:

  • Product audience, selling points and main message definition
  • Main user types and conceptual user flows diagrams, promo
  • Detailed screens list and flow
  • Key screens UX (user experience diagrams and guidelines)
  • Integration with web application development team deliveries schedule
  • Visual design main concept, logo and style definition
  • Graphic design branding, brand development
  • Detailed Visual Design Services of the key screens
  • UX and UI design of the secondary screens
  • Providing assets and additional materials
  • Development team support and design elements adjustment with the technology constraints


Depending on the marketing and product delivery approach chosen by client the team can work on creating in parallel the responsive web design and native mobile products. They will inherit the main style and look and feel aspects of visual design to build the recognizable family of applications while keeping the unique mobile friendly user experience and style that follows Apple and Google Android development and design guidelines.


Providing graphic design services teams work using Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator and 3DMax and Maya for 3D and architectural design.

For effective collaboration with client and integration with development teams, the tools like Invisionapp, marvelapp and Zeplin are widely used. We provide flexible pricing and individual cost.

Archer Soft is a certified Microsoft Application Development Gold Partner with Mobility competency that we earn for already 5 years in a row providing our custom .NET development services. Competencies are renewed annually passing Microsoft qualifying exams, application tests and client satisfaction surveys by Microsoft.


Thus you can hire .NET our in-house Microsoft Certified Professional development team with the following certified competencies and you :

  • Developing software applications by using Visual Studio 2010 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.
  • Windows developing: Building rich client applications for the Windows Forms platform by using the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.
  • Web Developing: Building interactive, data-driven ASP.NET applications by using ASP.NET 4.0 for both intranet and Internet uses.
  • Silverlight 4, Development
  • Designing and Developing Windows Phone Applications (Windows Phone 7)


Archer, a .NET development company, offers a wide range of outsourcing .NET development services solutions. Our team is ready to help you with all tasks for your business.


Archer Software is expanding its business opportunities in the translation and localization IT market. Along with our technical expertise we provide our clients with full software localization services, including software translation, proofreading, implementing, linguistic and functional QA, UI adjustment, etc.


Our Localization Dept is a team of seasoned translators, programmers and language service providers, able to provide our clients with complete language solutions. Their expertise has enabled us to develop unique processes to find and engage language experts in specific language pairs and areas of specialization, to coordinate and manage translation projects of any size and type. Using this cooperative approach we help our clients to cut translation costs, reduce spending on project management, and minimize time to market, while ensuring consistently high quality of the linguistic product.


We are able to:

  • organize a network tools of linguists to provide turnkey Software Translation Solutions, proofreading, editing, and localization needs;
  • provide scalable language services based on your specific requirements;
  • manage and/or coordinate your translation projects across many language pairs;
  • select best service providers for each particular project based on our linguistic expertise


Please consider possibility to use our expertise, as well as our pool of Russian and Ukrainian translators who’s proven to deliver in a timely and professional manner.


Successfully completed hundreds of Outsource localization projects for international clients located in North America, Western Europe, and Asia including:

  • Websites (various products and services including airlines, consumer products, legal services, toys, online games, casino gaming/poker, etc.)
  • Applications including small and medium mobile applications for iOS/Android platforms.
  • PC, Xbox, and PS3 video games including in-game texts, EULAs, marketing and PR materials, printed materials (user guides), etc.


Archer has qualified in-country and international linguistic talents and the engineering capabilities for a quick ramp up and scalability of the project developers team regardless of target markets and/or languages.


One of the services that Archer provides is translation your product to the multiple languages. It can be done for any type of the product you have – website, mobile or desktop application.


Efforts depend on the two main factors: was the app planned to be translated from the beginning, and do you need to translate it to similar language or not. In any case the process is clear, but it would be different for those cases.


What does it mean if the app wasn't prepared for the translation? In this case we collecting all text resources to the single dictionary and adding translation module along with the language switcher to the user interface. More time-consuming case when the app needs to be translated into any Right-To-Left language. This case requires adjusting interface for the particular language because some elements would be shifted, and some text might appear significantly longer than original. After all these preparation steps (or omitting them if the app has already been prepared for the translation) we need to translate text dictionary to the target language and re-build the app. Easy as pie. So it doesn't matter if the app ready for the translation or not yet – we know exactly what to do and which way is the best for the particular case.

We offer you a help desk solution for various types of businesses providing technical support to computer users (or clients). Online applications support that our professionals offer guarantees a flexible contract and the level of management for help desk services which brings us at the level of the best industry practices.


A Help Desk is a source designed for users of IT services to contact when they are having problems with their IT services. Help Desk helps to resolve a multi-tiered trouble by having personnel with extensive technical knowledge available.


Implementation of this multi-tiered support varies greatly within companies. In one company it may be one person with a rich knowledge solving them by a cell phone. In another company it may be several Staffing people who perform some of the support in house and several people Offshore that are contracted for additional support. In third company it may be a multitude of people within their own company performing all levels of It Help Desk Support.


The most strategic method of implementing a Help Desk is to follow Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices.  An ITIL best practices Help Desk must include:

  • Single point of contact (SPOC) for IT interruptions
  • Computer or Software consultations
  • Tracking capabilities of all incoming problems
  • Problem escalation procedures
  • Problem resolution

Implementation of best practices for Help Desk services is outlined in the Help Desk Management best practices section of ITIL version 3.

Help Desk services are implemented in many different ways, however by following the best practices outlined in ITIL v3, the Outsource of Help Desk will meet the most important need of the customer, it will get them operational as quickly as possible. In addition, by following the best practices, the Help Desk will enable the enterprise to have a foundation for the IT department not only to meet the needs of the end user, but for the IT department to link into strategic areas within the company.

Business Analysis Services are required to come first before the outsource development starts, in order to create the detailed documentation, step-by-step flow and use cases for the system of company.


The deliverables of the analytical phase are to be:

  • Software Architecture Overview
  • Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
  • Project Plan and Milestones
  • Prototype (optional)
  • Total project budget estimate
  • Full set of Wireframes


We consider the step of Business Analysis Consulting to be unavoidable for IT projects in any case, because system under design is supposed to realize the lion share of business cases. So, without proper understanding and business definition, our professionals won’t be able to design systems in a proper way.  As output of this activity we will have business model based on business use cases.

Business Analysis Solutions consist of this steps:

  • Define features to be implemented
  • Specify and agree on requirements
  • Estimate scope for current phase