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The automotive industry uses the latest technological advancements to create safer, more reliable, energy-efficient and environment-friendly connected cars.


Archer Software provides automotive software solutions and has a great deal of expertise with mobile, web, embedded, and UX/UI development. We build Telematics and ADAS systems, helping clients creating prototypes, and retail and infotainment apps:

Safety and Security Solutions


Integrated with the sensors in the cars, connected car systems are able to detect potential collisions, dangerous road situations and help drivers prevent or avoid accidents.


Modern technology affords many amazing opportunities with regard to connected vehicles. Of course, big opportunities often come with big risks. Protecting vehicles’ ECUs and OBD modules, as well the personal data of drivers, is as complex as it is necessary. Only a fully-integrated approach to connected automobile security can provide both optimization and protection.

Telematics, Fleet and Route Management Software


The solutions allow dispatchers to gather, store and process cloud data about their fleets, including real time monitoring of each vehicle's position, speed, overall condition, driving quality and routing information. These systems are designed to improve fleet productivity and decrease operational costs.


Utilizing the latest telematics technologies with automotive software engineering, Archer delivered comprehensive solutions for tracking vehicles and analyzing and improving drivers' performances. Archer Software's advanced reporting and feedback options help the end users improve operational efficiency and safety. The end users experience significant reduction in fuel consumption, insurance and maintenance costs.

Automotive Embedded Software


The ECUs, TCUs, other controlling units and various OBD devices now manage all of the vehicle's sub-systems - engine, SRS, transmission, ABS, Head Units, etc. Archer Software provides high-quality embedded programming services for manufacturers for building, managing and supporting these controllers.


Extended with motion, lighting, temperature, pressure sensors and other hardware, with navigation and GPS data and the data that we can get from the car itself (like battery status, charge consumption based on current driver behavior, expected distance, voltage, battery temperature, angels of helm and acceleration / deceleration force) we can develop a lot of great apps and try mostly any ideas our team will come up to.

Industry-Oriented retail and infotainment  Applications


​Business-oriented tools tailored to meet the needs of OEMs and tier 1 suppliers are designed to optimize and automate the operations. They range from warehousing, accounting, and task management to E-Commerce Solutions.


For example, Volvo Cars  commissioned Brightstar Software in partnership with Archer Software to develop from scratch a mobile Android application for viewing information about Volvo vehicles as well as news and updates from the company.

We provide a wide range of project analysis, high-quality custom automotive software development, consistent support throughout the project, and much more:



  • Custom Software Development Solutions

  • IT Staffing Services

  • Remote Infrastructure Administration Services

  • Graphic Design Services

  • .NET development services

  • Software Localization and Translation Solutions

  • Help Desk Services

  • Business Analysis Services


Archer Software acquired the basis for the development of prototype custom software - electric Nissan Leaf (also known now among employees as Archer's E-car) to deepen the expertise in the Automotive field. See more info here.


We provide automotive software development services for our customers that are OEMs and tier 1 service providers that leverage the power of IT to bring innovations to drivers and passengers.


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