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Sep 19
Data Quality in Healthcare: Ways To Improve Data

What is healthcare data quality? How can it be measured? What parameters does it require? What are the strategies to improve the process and increase healthcare data quality levels?


Sep 15
4 Steps To Make Your App HIPAA Compliant

Why is HIPAA compliant app development becoming so important? The answer is quite simple. Mobile technology has changed the lives of a lot of people all around the world. The healthcare industry is also undergoing serious transformation due to technology developments. There are several factors making health-related apps very appealing both for care providers and patients:

Sep 13
Why is Data Collection Important in Healthcare

How can one be assured of providing high quality care systems for their every single patient in the clinic? What is the importance of data collection in healthcare? What are the most efficient methods and tools to generate the necessary information? These are the major questions we will discuss in the following article.


Sep 06
5 Benefits of Internet of Things for Hospitals and Healthcare

The Internet of Things has already changed the world. It influences both the way we live and our work. Today, as Broadband Internet is available and affordable almost everywhere, and Wi-Fi capabilities and sensors have been built into a wide range of devices and gadgets, the penetration of wearables and smart phones is soaring. All these aspects have cleared a path for the IoT in the everyday lives of people and in numerous sectors of the economy, including healthcare.


Aug 31
The Blockchain in Healthcare: Usage and Future Potential

Many people have heard a lot about the blockchain in frames of a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin; however, it can have a much wider use than a simple payment method, including various industries. So, how does blockchain actually work in the healthcare industry?